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Fact or history?

In this day and age research into most subjects can start with the internet, but sometimes what is posted is simply perpetuating a myth. A classic case is John Clamp of Newcastle who AP Sharp stated in BMG “made only about 30 banjos in his whole lifetime”.

This “word of mouth” comment has become history and a Clamp banjo was offered at auction, in NY in 2015 at several thousands of dollars because it was so rare and the AP Sharp comments were used to justify the valuation, nether the less is was a very nice example.

A copy of a John Clamp price list was recently discovered which had over 30 combinations of pot sizes, stringing’s and styles, with bespoke instruments being made within 21 days from order. He also bought up several children on the proceeds of these “30 banjos” ...Draw your own conclusions, as we can now because of this wonderful research tool.


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