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 ... was born in Clapham, Surrey and out of 9 Falcon Road, Battcrsea, London, S.W., he was initially known as a maker of flat-back mandolins of his own design but he did make a number of banjos and  zither-banjos;  mainly for other firms, to sell as their own make.


In 1896 he was granted a patent pertaining to zither-banjo construction in conjunction with  J E Brewster.  


In February 1899, in conjunction with W E Temlett, he was granted a patent for a roller-"nut" but there is no indication how he came to co-operate with Temlett.  


However in 1911 at age 34 he was recorded as a Banjo Maker, married with  two sons and two daughters, not as an employer but working for others, and living at 25 Khyber Road, Battersea S W.  


He died in the late 1940s when Clifford Essex & Son acquired his stock of timber, etc

Frederick Langham  1877 to c 1947

union jack

Do you have a pre 1940's banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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