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In 1924 C F Martin Inc. of Nazareth, Pa., started to make tenor-banjos.  These sold for $65 having been designed by their craftsmen in conjunction with A D Grover, the well-known American banjoist, inventor and designer.


A special feature of this instrument, of which only about one hundred were sold before manufacture ceased in 1925, was the brackets for tightening the vellum.  These passed through vertical holes in the all wood hoop and a metal flange was incorporated  in the mounting of the vellum.  In addition it had a metal resonator – made of heavy brass, nickel plated and shaped like a saucer which was mounted inside the hoop.


In keeping with every Martin Instrument ever made it was devoid of all unnecessary decoration but beautifully fashioned and finished.


In 1925 the demand for Martin ukuleles was such that the company ceased all other instruments, enlarged its factory, and devoted all its labour force to making them, and they never made any more banjos.

C F Martin


Do you have a pre 1940's banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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