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….  was born in Twickenham, Middlesex and was living with his father there in 1851.  His father James (b 1802) was listed as a Professor of Music as was James W, aged 20.

By 1861 he was married to Elizabeth (1829), had three daughters and was a Banjoist living at Burnham House, Paradise Road Twickenham.


He music business was growing and by the time he was 40 he had expanded into a shop, he was employing 3 people including his daughter who was working in his shop and his household included a further 4 sons, a servant and a nursemaid.  He was making and repairing instruments as well as selling sheet music and books.


By 1871 he had moved to 8 Hill Street Richmond with a household of 11.  His first wife then died and he married Emma who was half his age (25) in 1881 when his business and shop was at its peak with 5 employees.  That marriage did not last and he married another Elizabeth fathering 2 more daughters.


By age 70 his household had reduced and with his wife, one daughter and a servant he was running his shop and living at 18 Hill Street Richmond on Thames, Middlesex.


Images courtesy of Richard Evans estate

Etherington front

James William Etherington 1831 - 1904

union jack
Etherington makers mark
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