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 ...  who was making violins and guitars in Soho between 1827 and 1835, is said to have made banjos commercially but no details have been unearthed.


December 2012: Joseph's brother George Panormo (b 1771 d 1852) and the latter's son George (b 1821 ) were musical instrument makers based in New Compton Street, Finsbury, Middlesex.


In 1864 "Edward Panormo's Banjo Tutor " was published  by Joseph's son Edward (b 1817) who was listed in the 1861 census as a Musician living in Paddington.  


For more information on the Panormo's visit  Southwell Guitars

Joseph Panormo 1767 to 1837

union jack

Do you have a pre 1940's banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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