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..  was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire and started to learn to play the banjo at an early age and played in public when he was eleven. When he left school at the age 14 he was apprenticed to the firm of Windsor and Taylor and remained with them when he moved to York where for some years he ran a successful teaching connection


In 1902 he left York and settled in Bournemouth where he worked in co-operation with A. de Vekey for about five years and for a short period he was a member of the Stavordale Quartet.


In 1907, he "turned professional" and for some time toured with a minstel troupe and then appeared on the Music Hall stage with “The American Trio".


In 1912 he was with the Palladium Ministrels for the successful run of this show. During World War I he worked as a civilian artificer for Kelvin's of Glasgow on submarines, and, later, as a scientific instrument maker for a firm at Brentford, Middlesex.


After the war he set up as a “lone” maker of banjos mandolins and guitars with a workshop at Buer Road, Fulham, S.W. London, and was making high class banjos up to about 1935. He died on July 7,1955 from a cerebral thrombosis.

"Charlie" Page   1857 to 1955

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Do you have a pre 1940's banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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