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It would appear that Albert Houdlett & Son makers of drums and banjos were in existence in the early 1860’s for Friederich Gretsch was working in their factory until he was 27 when he left to form his own business.


In a list of banjo makers included in the June 1928 issue of “The Cresendo”a firm or Houdlett of 40 Melrose Street,Brooklyn, New York were listed as makers of “Lynbrook” (brookLyn), “Nu-art” and “Nu-way” banjos and a "Royal Parlour" 5 string, they went out of business in 1930.


The “Music Trades” magazine of February 1958 referred to the company as “long defunct”.


"Lynbrook" pictures courtesy of Jim Kvalheim

Albert Houdlett & Son  1865-1930

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