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…. arrived in the US in 1832 from Germany and started his company in New York in 1834 and as the business developed became distributors for a wide range of types of musical instruments.  In 1868 after the Civil War they started using the name C. Bruno and Son and imported a lot of the instruments they distributed from Europe.  


Charles Bruno Jnr developed the company after his father’s death manufacturing Instruments at 356 Broadway NY where, after a long period of ill health he committed suicide on 18th April, 1912, 3 days after Titanic sank.


In the June 1928 issue of "The Crescendo" a list of banjo makers at that time included the firm of C.Bruno & Son Inc of New York City who were listed as making "The Royal Artist" and "Tempo Grande" instruments.


During their long history banjos were made for them by several maufacturers including the Fred Gretsch Mfg. Co. of Brooklyn, N.Y. or William Lange



Images of this "Magic Wonder" courtesy of Paul Dzwill

Charles Bruno  .... 1884

Bruno front
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