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C E Leslie (Charles Eddy) (1845 - 1893) established The CE Leslie Music Company of 225 Dearbourn Street, Chicago with his wife.  They started the Chicago Music Company who were “ publishers and dealers in Musical Merchandise”  based at 150 Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois as a retail outlet for their publishing company.


He was noted as the manager of the book department in 1887 and they subsequently they moved to Nos. 195-197 and by 1893 had moved again to No. 260 Wabash Ave..  


It is assumed that he was the owner but his wife also worked in the business from its early days, had her own copyrights and published music books and scores which specialised in singing instruction.


The busines appears to have continued for a year after his death



Images courtesy of Dennis Rowntree

Chicago Music Company  1880 - 1894

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