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In February 1914 J E Dallas moved to 202 High Holborn and by the late 1920's the banjos and zither-banjos bearing the company's name were truly mass-produced instruments and started to bear the trade name of "Jedson."


With the outbreak of World War II, J E Dallas ceased to make banjos but in 1947 they started to produce, in small quantities, the inexpensive banjos which have been sold by music shops throughout the country.


These also bear the "Jedson" trade mark but are in no way comparable to the pre-war instruments bearing the Jedson name


It was in 1963 that the Houghton works in Birmingham were closed down and George Houghton set up workshops for the Dallas company at Bexleyheath, Kent and it was from here that most of the post-war banjos bearing the Dallas name have been made. 


Pictures of Jedson mid 1930's 5 string banjo 

Jedson .. JE Dallas & Son

union jack
Jedson front
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