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.. was a drum maker from Baltimore, Maryland, and is said to have been "a fine banjoist and a fine craftsman" .  He was one of the first men in America to make banjos on a fairley extensive scale and is said to have made the first "screw head" type banjo, with 6 brackets on the hoop, in 1845.


This banjo has a sigmoid peghead and was fitted with a parchement to the top and the base of the hoop.  It is on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.


Boucher subsequenatly dispensed with the double vellum idea and constructed an improved instrument with fourteen brackets on the hoop in 1847.  


Joel Sweeny teamed up with Boucher when the former retired from the entertainment business in 1845 but what his role was is unknown.

William E Boucher .. mid 19th C


Do you have a banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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