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 .. of Boston Mass. was a well known banjo soloist and composer in the 1890's and many of his solos  were published by Carl Fischer.  He designed the banjo bearinng his name which, with its patented hoop, "was constructed on entirely new and scientific principles" and patented the tone chamber under the rim.


The pot of this banjo was made of bell metal with a fairly narrow outside hoop of wood which was rabbeted over the top to allow the velum to rest on it to promote "a most wonderful sound".  


Luscomb banjos were made in 4 grades as well as three grades of Banjeaurines and a Piccolo with a 8" rim.  Models included The Luscomb and Artiste, and Silver Chime


The instruments were made and sold by Thompson  & Odell. Co. of 523 Washington Street, Boston, Mass. from about 1891 to the late 1920's.


Gut strung Luscomb images courtesy of Lars Dahl

Luscomb gut strung front
Luscomb back

John F Luscomb

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