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L Yosco Manufacturing Co.


The Iosco familly emigrated from Italy to the US in 1877 and Rocco Lorenzo Iosco (b 1869) changed his name to Lawrence Yosco.  


He began maufacturing fretted instruments, at the turn of the 20th C and by 1919 had premises at   204 W 34th Street, NY.  In that year he was granted a patent on his "double rim" banjo, effectively a resonator with a 3" void built into the rim.


While Yosco made Italian style bowl backed mandolins, guitars and 4 string banjos, no 5 string models appear to have been made.


Images courtesy of Mike Amato, Bedford Banjo Shop, PA  


yosco front
Yosco Peg head 2
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