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Swaim’s the name

We get all sorts of feedback from people, mostly friendly and Michael Wright, rightly wanted to put right the middle S in S S Stewart.

The name Swaim first appears among the early Vikings who arrived and settled in Scotland in the medieval era. It’s derived from the Old English personal name Swein, originating from the Old Norse name Sveinn.

Stewart is of Scottish origin from the old English word stigeweardmeaning “hall” “warden” and hence latterly the word steward.

Michael also sent us a picture of the SS Stewart factory in Philly taken in 2011, Stewart's buildings being those with the grey-painted facade. This is just off N. 2nd Street in Old City.

You could travel London looking for the premises of old makers like Dallas, Essex, Weaver, Scarth or Temlett but the blitz destroyed so much of these historic buildings and their makers records.

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