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 ...  of 15 Terry Street, Nelson, Lancashire, was an enthusiastic teacher of the banjo whose banjo playing experiences went back to the days of the smooth and unfretted instrument.


In addition to his own professional appearances in and around his home town, he directed the Nelson Banjo Band for many years and as a result he had ample opportunities  for selling his banjos bearing his name as maker.  


The images of this Lund Cello banjo show that he clearly had access to play and copy the instruments eminating from makers such as Essex and Dallas in London on the back of the BMG Orchestras.  


His training in the gas industry almost certainly influenced him as clearly he was a fine engineer producing quality hardware.  


Typically at the start of the 20th C a lot of components for standard sized banjos could be bought off the shelf at hardware shops but it is demonstrated here that his small production gave rise to a certain  naivety in woodworking, displayed in this example, in the dovetail joints used for the perch pole.


Or perhaps the steel bracing was a later modification.


Images courtesy of David Grego

William Lund          to 1945

union jack
Lund front
Lund tuners
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