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 From about 1850 the Dobson brothers in America had as much to do with the keeping up of interest in the banjo as anyone. .. except perhaps SS Stewart.  As performers, teachers and instrument makers their names became household words wherever the instrument was played even touring the UK in the 1860s.


Charles Edgar Dobson was the inventor of the “closed back” banjo based on a design by Henry, which was awarded first prize at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia in 1876.  The instrument can justifiably be claimed as the forerunner of the closed back zither banjo invented by Temlett and perfected by Cammeyer.  


It should be noted that Temlett’s close back banjo patent application was never granted.

Charles E Dobson 1839 to 1910

CE Dobson Silver Echo 1
Dobson back
Dobson pot
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