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In 1960 the Ode Company, Mariposa Avenue, Boulder, Colorado was founded by  Charles Ogsbury, a young engineering student of Colorado.  It announced its entry into the banjo making field with a range of 5-string and long necked banjos ranging in price from $72-$86.


These instruments quickly gained favour with folk and bluegrass enthusiasts and before long a far greater range of instruments, including plectrum-banjos, was being produced.


When the firm moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1964 they also used the name “Muse” and identical instruments were sold under both brand names, Ode being given style letters and Muse style numbers.  i.e. “Ode style B” and “muse style 5” were the same banjo at the same price of $295.

The main difference being that Ode was purchased direct from the manufacturer and Muse supplied only through dealers.


In October 1966 it was announced that the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company of Cincinnati, Ohio had bought the Ode Company and all instruments produced in the Boulder factory would be marketed under the Baldwin name through its guitar division and Charles Ogsbury was retained as a consultant.


Images courtesy of Gruhn Guitars

Ode & Ome

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