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  ...  a well-known teacher of the banjo, mandolin and guitar was born in Hove and settled in Brighton, Sussex in 1883.  For many years he conducted a successful teaching studio there and led an amateur B. M. & G. orchestra in the seaside town.


At the turn of the century he established a teaching studio at John Alvey Turner's in London which he attended twice a week and for some time he also conducted a London amateur B. M. & G. Orchestra.  He was a self-taught player of the banjo, having started to play on seven string instrument.


He became well-known as a banjo soloist after he changed to the five-string instrument and until 1893 used a Weaver banjo. He started to play and sell his "own make" banjos but the instruments bearing his name as maker, were made for him by John E.Dallas.  


Images courtesty of Chris Irving

Plumridge front

William H Plumbridge   1864 to 1925

union jack
Plumridge tailpiece
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