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Was born into the close knit Silk Weaving community of Bethnal Green, Middlesex, London.  


He started as a silk weaver like his parents, became a shoe maker and then an established drum maker by 1871 employing 3 “lads”.  


Having established his business, the following year he married Sarah Abercrombie, 12 years his younger and the daughter of another silk weaving family who had lived next door to his parents all her life, at 3 South Street, Bethnal Green (became Florida Street in 1902)


9 years later he has two children and had developed the drum making business to include banjos which was by then his primary business.


By 1891 he was still manufacturing banjos and still lived in Bethnal Green, with 4 children.  He died 4 years later aged 65.



Charles Francis Sulley   1831 - 1895

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Do you have a pre 1940's banjo by this maker?  can you supply us some images?

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