Thomas Bostock  1857 to 1941

union jack
Bostock zither front
Bostock Zither tuners


 ... was born in Southwark and brought up in Clerkenwell, London.  He first trained as a printer but by 1890 he was a musical instrument maker and he had his business at 23 Rosoman Street, Clerkenwell.  He married Alice Maud Philips in 1882 and they had 6 childern.

He was a wholesale maker of banjos and zither-banjos from about 1880 to the middle 1920's when nothing further is heard of him.  The 1911 census has him listed as a Musical Instrument Maker and repairer.


He is buried in Islington Cemetry.      5 sring courtesy of J A Turner. (originally fretless and replaced tail piece and tuners)

Additional familly information courtesy of David & Carol Bostock